Oracle Critical Patch Updates – some statistics

In January I started some posts on the Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) on my German blog ( Here’s the translated version of my July post:

In January 2018 I started publishing some statistics and graphics about Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates in my blog. Yesterday Oracle released the July patches and so it’s time for the July update.

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Oracle Multitenant – SYS*-privileges on PDB level

In an Oracle Container Database, SYSDBA, SYSDG, SYSBACKUP etc. privileges can
be granted on PDB level. This enables PDB administrators with their local
users e.g. to open and to close a PDB. How does this work and where is
this privilege information stored?

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Back home from nlOUG Tech Experience 2018 at the Rijtuigenloods/Amersfoort

Almost one week ago, I attended the conference of the Dutch Oracle User Group (nlOUG), “nloug Tech Experience 2018”. It was another great experience, once again, thanks to nlOUG for the chance of being part of it.

I had two presentations at the conference:

Taming the PDB – resource management and lockdown profiles

Which was about some new features of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 in the area of Multitenant databases:

The three investigators: OraChk, TFA and DBSAT .. which is an introduction into these three tools

The latter presentation was the substitute for a presentation of my former colleague Stefan Panek, who was not able to attend the conference. I had hoped for some more attendees J

I like the venue where the conference took place. It was an old railway workshop with a special flair. Most of the conference rooms where old railcars.

“nlOUG Tech Experience” was held for the second time. It is still a small conference, but it deserves more attendees. Let’s see what the future brings …

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#c18lv: Presentation “Taming the PDB”

Today I had a second presentation at COLLABORATE18 on another feature of the Multitenant Databases: Resource management and lockdown profiles. Thanks to everyone who attended the session.

Here you can find:

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#c18lv: Presentation “Application Containers”

Thanks to everyone, who attended my presentation on Oracle 12.2 Application Containers at COLLABORATE18.

Here you can find:

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